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The Annotated Jeff Duncan

Jeff Duncan wrote a thing about the Jack–or pure weak side pass rushing linebacker–position in Rob Ryan’s defensive scheme. In it, Jeff Duncan wrote a lot of things that are wrong. Below are a few of those things. The problem: SIMPLIFICATION Not every 3-4 scheme uses an under or over alignment, so no, technically not every system has a name for the spot. Sometimes it’s just “Will” like every other weak side linebacker in the NFL.
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On Journalism, or Why Sports Media Have Failed Us

Or why sports media are to blame for ‘Bountygate’ If you’re looking for an even-handed opinion about what the bounty scandal have meant to a passionate Saints fan, I point you to an earlier work of mine: The Rorschach Test. Today I’m going a little further off I-10, because I just can’t take it anymore. While the ‘Bountygate’ saga continues, sports media have failed to act throughout this story. Simply reacting to statements by the National Football League is not journalism and it can be done by any hack with access to PR News wire. This feeling of outrage was
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Kiss My Asterisk

Why Drew Brees’ record season isn’t tainted Last week, CBS’s Mike Freeman had the audacity to make the case that the yardage record that Drew Brees now owns should be written in the record books with an asterisk. Today he wrote that the Packers are the NFL’s only great team. Meanwhile his coworker, Pete Prisco, published an article with this headline: “Brees’ record-breaking night tainted by decision to go for it late,” and still in another corner of the universe Jason Cole asks if we were “right” in running up the score. I’m forced to ask a simple question: are
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