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Saints Mock Draft Season

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we’re already knee deep into 2015 Mock Draft Season. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, I used to hate mock drafts. I just couldn’t see the point of the constant iteration. But then I realized that for every mock draft, we had a data point. And […]

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How Much Offense Can the Saints Trade for Defense?

How good does the Saints’ defense have to get to compensate for a presumably less-talented offense?

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Mickey and Sean

The Saints 2015 Offseason – What Was Lost

The Saints underwent some pretty significant changes in the past few weeks, and it’s easy to assume that the changes were more revolutionary than evolutionary, but to combat recency bias, I took a look at the the last eight years to better demonstrate the impact of the latest of Mickey Loomis’ roster moves.

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Why Drew Brees Isn’t Going Anywhere, or: The Saints’ Plan to Win in 2015

If you think the Saints should move on from Drew Brees, you are being stupid.

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Saints’ Mismanagement of Defense Forced the Jimmy Graham Trade

Trading Jimmy Graham might work out, but the evidence says if it does, it won’t be because the Saints have an extra first round pick.

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Goodbye(!) Jimmy

This is not an evaluation of whether or not the Saints are a better team for trading Jimmy Graham. I am very unqualified to give such an assessment today.

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