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Kiss My Asterisk

Why Drew Brees’ record season isn’t tainted Last week, CBS’s Mike Freeman had the audacity to make the case that the yardage record that Drew Brees now owns should be written in the record books with an asterisk. Today he wrote that the Packers are the NFL’s only great team. Meanwhile his coworker, Pete Prisco, published an article with this headline: “Brees’ record-breaking night tainted by decision to go for it late,” and still in another corner of the universe Jason Cole asks if we were “right” in running up the score. I’m forced to ask a simple question: are
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Can Drew Brees be the NFL’s 2011 MVP?

(Forward) Motion is an Illusion While watching Drew Brees systematically exploit the New York Giant defense Monday night, I found that I was overcome with an atypical emotion: depression. Somewhere between the moment Drew reminded the world that, for him, gravity was optional and his fourth touchdown pass of the night I was struck with one thought: [pullquote2 align=”center” textColor=”#5a5a5a”]”We’re watching the single greatest non-MVP season by a quarterback in the modern era.”[/pullquote2] And it’s not even close. Despite being on pace for an absurd 5300+ yards, 40 touchdown season, after this season Drew will likely have the same number of
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The Saints and the Domefield Advantage

Do the Saints have a prime-time advantage in the Superdome? So they say home field advantage is worth three points.  But do the New Orleans Saints have an increased advantage when playing in the Superdome in prime-time? More importantly, how much of an advantage is playing in the Superdome during a night game? Yesterday the NFL “flexed” the Saints’ Week 13 game against Detroit. What once was a noon kickoff is now a 7:20. This is significant because of the six remaining games on the Saints’ schedule, three are prime-time games in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Even more importantly, our three most difficult games will be in the safe,
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Black and Gold: A Face to Call Home

This is an answer to the question, “What do the Saints mean to you?” It features an absolute must-read starring role by Drew Brees.  It is the fourth piece in an ongoing new Saints11 series of answers to the aforementioned question. Black and Gold: A Face to Call Home by Jack Spitz  I was born and raised a New Orleanian. Abita beer runs through my veins. Zapp’s potato chips and crawfish were my first love, and will be my last meal if I have any say in the matter. I was born by the river. (No, Sam Cooke, not in a
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What Do the Saints Mean to Us?

Let’s have a talk about memory and emotion: the past, the future, and what the Saints mean to us. Bradley What’s your earliest Saints memory? Ryan My memories of my beloved team aren’t nearly as deep or organized as yours so I’m not sure that’s the right question. For me, it’s more about what memory stands out most. I have hazy (and disappointing) memories of the late Jim Mora years (which ended when I was 10). I certainly remember the consternation of my father at Mike Ditka’s fateful Ricky Williams draft. I remember reading the newspaper on Sunday mornings (the
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A Kinda-Sorta Saints Fan Responds to the Question: What Do the New Orleans Saints Mean to You?

The second in a series answering the question: What do the Saints mean to me? by Alan Wheat Since those bastards left me, the occasional (see also: once) contributor to this here Saints-topia, out of their little discussion on New Orleans Saints fandom, I decided to weasel my way into my own piece about what the Black and Gold means to me. I have to boil it down to three memories, two of which aren’t that specific or even that related to the game itself. They both, however, have such an overwhelming personal and emotional connection with me that they help
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