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Ranking Insanity: 20 Crazy Moments from That Saints Win (With GIFs!)

Yesterday’s Saints game is one of the most insane, stupid, thrilling, and horrifying experiences that has ever posed as a football game.

It’s so insane, I think you’ve ALREADY forgotten about half the crazy shit that went down. So that’s why I’m here. Somehow cutting the insanity down to twenty moments took some work, because of course it did. Sorry for the NFL’s terrible video format, but Bradley made up for it by GIFing some of these for you.

So here’s the unequivocal emotional rankings of the CRAZY BULLSHIT THINGS THAT HAPPENED from worst to best. Buckle up.

  1. A’Shawn Robinson pick-six
    This was the apex moment of pure panic. Capping 28 point run, Robinson is a rookie the Saints were projected to take this year. Anyway, I was pretty convinced the world was ending.
  2. Agnew 74-yard punt return touchdown – One of two moments where the broadcast jinxed us hard, saying right before the kick, we needed to have lots of hang-time to prevent a big return. *grumbles*
  3. Tate shakes defenders, flips into end zone
    Tying the game at 7, Golden Tate quickly answered the quiet question all Saints fans were thinking “wait, is our defense good?” I hate Golden Tate.
  4. Brees’ First Interception – Again, no easy highlight here, BUT this play probably shouldn’t have stood, but at the time it felt nice to get the NO TURNOVERS monkey off our back without it leading to points.
  5. Alvin Kamara steamrolls his way for a first down
    Just a reminder that Alvin Kamara can do things that Sproles and Bush could not.
  6. Alvin Kamara dashes outside for a 21-yard gain – Sure. Worth watching just to see him dip a shoulder at the end for the extra 2 yards.
  7. Drew Brees finds wide-open Hoomanawanui for touchdown – I mean, the Saints website has this highlight up, so I’ll share it, but I don’t remember this play. Go Hoomanawanui!
  8. Craig Robertson launches himself to strip Matthew Stafford, recovers fumble
    This was a super fun play where Robertson took the wrong angle to sack Stafford and somehow managed to swipe (and fall on) the football for the second strip sack of the game.
  9. Brees connects with a crossing Ted Ginn Jr., who turns corner for TD – I have no idea how Ted Ginn Jr. is still this fast at 32.
  10. Mark Ingram streaks down sideline for 51 yards – Hey remember that time Ingram should’ve been tackled for a 4 yard loss and instead gets 51? No? BECAUSE THIS GAME WAS WEIRD.
  11. Cameron Jordan uses soccer-like header to cause interception
    I’ll be honest, this is one of the plays I forgot. Cam Jordan is a super hero. This was AFTER Cam caught a pick six, ending the bleeding and saving our immortal soul. Don’t forget, Vaccaro FUMBLES this ball, which could’ve landed this play in the bottom 3 in the darkest timeline.
  12. Marshon Lattimore collects first career pick-six from Matthew Stafford
    In literally any other game, having your first round rookie cornerback score on a pick six (on his first interception) would be the best thing that happened that day. What a weird game.PS this breakdown from Brian Baldinger is great.
  13. Cameron Jordan swallows up Matthew Stafford – This is that sack where Cam Jordan literally uses an offensive lineman to sack his own quarterback. You should rewatch this play. It’d rank higher if Stafford hadn’t scored on the next play. But this sack is dooooooooope.
  14. Brees executes flea flicker to Brandon Coleman for 20 yards – Somehow the same team that ran a flea flicker up 24-10 in the second quarter was the same one that stalled for 25 minutes in this game. This was the pinnacle of aggressive play calling for Sean.
  15. Kamara Speed Option on Fourth Down – Somehow not a highlight to show you, but on fourth and short, we ran a speed option to Kamara to the right for six yards and it was everything.
  16. Jamal Agnew Muffs Punt – After returning a punt for a touchdown, the exciting rookie muffs a punt late in the game, barely recovering it outside of the endzone, but eventually setting up Cam Jordan for the play of the game.
  17. Can’t-Miss Play: Alvin Kamara gets UP to clear Darius Slay on hurdle 
    In literally any other game, having your hyped rookie running back hurdle over the Lions’ best defender inside the five yard line en route to the team’s 38th point would be the best thing that happened that day. What a weird game.
  18. Saints deny Lions on fourth and goal before halftime – Back before the Saints third quarter collapse, stopping the Lions four times in the red zone to end the half felt like destiny. Marshon Lattimore covers TWO routes in the zone, coming up to make a crucial tackle on fourth down. He may already be the best CB in Saints history. Baldy breaks it down.
  19. Alex Okafor forces sack fumble on Matthew Stafford, Kenny Vaccaro recovers for TD – There are few things more exciting in football than sacking a quarterback in their endzone, yelling safety, then realizing the ball is loose and it’s, in fact a touchdown. The rare SAFETOUCHDOWN(!) was part of Kenny Vaccaro’s day in which he wasn’t good but somehow involved in a ton of good plays.
  20. Jordan: ‘It was the perfect moment’

    Cam Jordan saved our football souls on this play. After giving up 28 straight points and everything looking like it was going to hell, Cam Jordan reminded us that he’s the best. Without this play, who knows how this play ends.


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