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What’s the deadliest animal you could best in a fight?

March Animal Madness

A week ago, Arian Foster claimed that he could best a wolf in a fight. At first blush, this seems insane. On second blush, it’s still insane, but it brings up an interesting question. What’s the deadliest animal in the world?

We took an internal poll, which then morphed into some serious research, which then got infected with March Madness – sorry, some things can’t be helped.

In the end, we settled on four regions: Americas, Oceania, Africa, and Eurasia. We ranked each region’s deadliest animals and then made a bracket – again some things can’t be helped.

Help us determine which is the deadliest animal by taking this silly internet thing and see the full bracket here.

Update! After round one of voting, we saw a few big upsets including the bracket busting 13 seeded Bull in the Americas bracket and number 11s Man O’War and Eurasian Wold down in Oceania and Eurasia, respectively. Now up, round 2! Go vote for this silly thing!

Vote for Round 2


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