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The Price Is Right!

The Price Is Right!

We’ve come to this. The Saints recently cut yet another overpriced free agent target in C.J. Spiller and our 2016 dead money has now reached a staggering $37.8M.

We can bicker about how big of a problem this is, but that’s no fun, and is now Rule #4 in our Deal. Instead, let’s laugh together while tear silently fall down our face as we stare into the abyss.

So, how much is the dead money charged to the Saints cap really worth? We’ve all become numb to how much money the Saints waste every year by simply paying guys to not show up to work.

What better way to face reality and placing salaries in context than by cuddling up and enjoying the nostalgia of The Price Is Right?

Let’s Play!1


Ryan Chauvin
A native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but with a surname that indicates his importance to the history of a tiny town in South Louisiana, Ryan Chauvin currently lives in Houston, TX, doing general (read: non-sports) internet things. Ryanwas on Jimmy(!)’s bandwagon before it was cool, and has never predicted that the Saints will lose a game.