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GIF Study: The Entire 49ers Game, Accurately Condensed

GIF Study: The Entire 49ers Game, Accurately Condensed

Here is a listicle that explains, more accurately than anyone else has yet, what happened in the Saints/49ers game.

1. The 49ers Punted


Fortunately Andy Lee is the only punter who might be better than Thomas Morstead. Otherwise this game could have just been sad for San Francisco.

2. The 49ers Kept Punting


I’m just getting settled in. The 49ers punted a lot.

3. The 49ers Punted Again and Again


To San Francisco’s credit, the 49ers have wonderful special teams.

4. Robert Meachem Was Awesome


Look at that man run. That’s clearly a wide receiver whose “body has broken down.

We love you, Robert Meachem. You’re sort of the best.

5. Josh Hill!


He’s so excited.

Left with no choice but to respond aggressively, the 49ers got aggressive.

6. They Unleashed Their Best Offensive Weapon

Punt4 Lance Fumble

Lance Moore, your mustache is terrible and you should shave it.


Having tied the score, the 49ers continued their unstoppable attack, relying on the traditional interception returned for a touchdown that instead becomes a touchback.

7. Really?


Everybody really wants to love you, Corey White. I promise. Bless your heart, you really tried here.

Their cunning plan delivering a 10-7 lead, the 49ers continued to dominate on special teams.

8. Is That…Is That Travaris Cadet?


That is indeed Travaris Cadet. An early audition for 2018 starter at “satellite player” or something. Whatever: Keep it up, dude.

The Saints quickly took a 14-10 lead, so the 49ers returned to their money play.

9. They Punted More


Andy Lee has two first names.




Anyway, the Saints kept kicking field goals after Drew did that, and the 49ers kept doing what they do best.

11. Punting


This is really quite a few punts, isn’t it.

12. Delivering Violent Hits That Are In No Way Motivated By Monetary Reward


Yeah, yeah, complain, 49ers fans. Meanwhile, be tied with Arizona in your division.

13. So Many Punts


Finally, after a night of punting, committing valiant unnecessary roughness penalties, and relying on Saints mistakes to avoid a crushing defeat, the 49ers lost to Garrett Hartley, and Jim Harbaugh reacted as stoically as he always does, showing great charisma and gravitas as a leader of men.

14. Oh, Jim Harbaugh


One day, Jim, we’ll play your team, and we won’t spot it two touchdowns. On that day, you can join the ranks of the destroyed.

Who dat.

Also, Happy Hartley:


Glad you’re back, Good Garrett. Let’s not do this whole rollercoaster thing next year.


Bradley Warshauer
As a kid: Once read a newspaper so intently over a candle that I did not notice its ignition.
  • Josh Cain

    The game was far more exciting than it should have been, and while I’m always happy with a win, I don’t appreciate the years that are being taken off my life. The Saints did everything they could to lose, and still won. It proves we have grit, we can hang in there in a physical battle and come through in the clutch.

    And if Ahmad Brooks hits my quarterback like that again I’ll break his ribs with a shovel.

    • Rob M.

      i’m going to quote u on that shovel comment if ya don’t mind. awesome. The game was only close because Kapernick’s abiilty to throw a pick-6 that results in a 1st down for Niners, while Lance Moore has been starting off some games w/ erratic drops.

      –In other news, JerryFairyJones offered Rob Ryan a 2.5 million dollar signing bonus to return, etc., etc.

  • Vicki

    “Yeah, yeah, complain, 49ers fans. Meanwhile, be tied with Arizona in your division”

    This is just such an understated, subtle kind of burn, ya know? Hilarious.