In Which We Compare Rob Ryan’s Saints Defense to the Dome Patrol

In Which We Compare Rob Ryan’s Saints Defense to the Dome Patrol


Normally I’d shy away from mentioning this surprisingly-good Rob Ryan Saints defense and the legendary Dome Patrol in the same sentence, but I just did, and I’m going to do it again.

Currently, the Saints defense is allowing 17.1 points per game. Since 2006, the best the Saints have managed has been the 19.2 they allowed per game in 2010. That’s a pretty substantial difference over the course of a season.

In fact, no other Saints defense this century has allowed as few points per game as the Saints defense so far in 2013. What about 2000? you might ask. Nope: 19 points per game that year too.

At 17.1 points per game, the Saints would allow about 273 for the season. The last time any Saints defense allowed fewer than 300 points in a season was … wait for it … 1992, also known as the season the Dome Patrol reached its zenith and allowed a mere 12.6 points per game.

So. Is Rob Ryan’s 2013 Saints defense the best since the Dome Patrol? So far, you can actually make that argument — and not be a crazy overexcited guy on a message board.


Bradley Warshauer
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