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HELLO MOON! A poem by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

HELLO MOON! A poem by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins


Sometimes I’m afraid when the moon is full
that it is really a giant eye looking down
at all the horrible and stupid things I do at night,
which, statistically, is the time when people
do the most horrible and stupid things.
Burglars burgle, robbers rob, muggers mug,
whores whore, and I fall down drunk in the grass,
or I try to eat noodles with a children’s sand shovel
because I can’t find any silverware. Hello, moon!
I say from the ground. Hello! I say from the kitchen
with a bright orange prong in my mouth.
And then the eye turns into a whole man, The Man
in the Moon, whose mouth is gaping, screaming
at the injustice of burglary and prostitution and adults
eating noodles with children’s sand toys. Hello, moon!

Image via Great Beyond