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Sacking Tom Brady

Sacking Tom Brady

The Saints lost, and it was heartbreaking, and I wrote this thing about what the loss might mean for the coaching philosophy of Sean Payton. But on the bright side? The Saints sacked Tom Brady five times, bringing their season total to 20 and putting the defense on pace to be more unfriendly to opposing quarterbacks than in any year since 2000.

Here are all five sacks.

The Cameron Jordan Coverage Sack


Sometimes immediate pressure isn’t necessary. Sometimes your secondary performs so well that the quarterback has no choice but to accept his demise.

The Combo-Sack


Why sack Tom Brady with one guy when you can sack him with two? On this play, Rob Ryan dialed up another one of his precision blitzes and produced a Malcolm Jenkins and Ramon Humber team-up.

Malcolm Jenkins is Better At Roman Harpering Than Roman Harper


You know how Roman Harper was a uniquely good blitzing safety under Gregg Williams? Turns out Malcolm Jenkins is pretty good at that job himself–unsurprising given his superior speed and athleticism.

The Best Play of the Month By a Southern Miss Golden Eagle


Times are tough in Hattiesburg, but Southern Miss alum Tom Johnson got a chance to take out some Golden Eagle frustrations on Tom Brady. He uses a kind of delayed stunt to slip around the pass protection and pick up his first sack of the season, and the fourth of his career.

The Lofton Sack


The cool thing about this one is how fast it happens, and how quickly Brady realizes he’s doomed. Curtis Lofton just slips through the line at the snap, and the play ends as quickly as it began.

BONUS: The Game Saving Sack That Wasn’t

(via CSC)

This would have been a really cool way to end the game, huh?


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  • JOhn

    You sacked Brady 5 times, you hit him 10 times….and he still beat you….that has to hurt. Oh and stop crying about calls, you lost. I can go through and find about 12 times the refs missed something the saints did, a hold, a push off, etc etc.

    • Who is crying about the calls? He merely posits an interesting philosophical question. But you probably missed that because you bailed on the post early.