Junior Galette Is Your New Hope Player of Week 3

Junior Galette Is Your New Hope Player of Week 3

One key to success during the 2013 Saints season is the youth on the roster. These guys are our new hope. So every week this season we’re going to talk about the young guy we think earned the most raves. Today, that guy is Junior Galette.


It’s telling that every player we’ve chosen for this honor in 2013 so far has been a member of the defensive front seven.

Junior Galette is the man this week, even though Cameron Jordan had two sacks to Galette’s one, because we gave the space to Cam last week and because, really, at this point, Cam has graduated from future to present. He’s quickly becoming the defense’s equivalent of Drew Brees–you could probably give him a player of the week award every week, but where’s the fun in that?

Anyway, this gif is of Galette’s sack, which is individually great to look at, but it’s also indicative of a primary reason the Saints are 3-0.


Look at what John Jenkins does to the poor sap he’s lined up against as the middle of this four man front. He stands up the guy, shoves him backwards, shunts him aside–that’s some real Norman Hand stuff right there.

By doing this, Jenkins allows Cam Jordan access to the backfield. The only thing that keeps one of these two guys from getting to Carson Palmer is the fact somebody else got there first.

Which brings us to Galette, who shows just great edge-rushing technique and speed here. Look at the very quick, almost subtle inside jolt he throws at Cardinals left tackle Levi Brown–Brown bites on the move just enough for Galette to dart around the bigger, slower man and easily chase down the quarterback Brown’s supposed to be protecting.

Aside from this sack, Pro Football Focus credits Galette with a QB hit and three QB hurries. He’s applying consistent pressure from both linebacker and defensive end, is the point, and, along with Cam Jordan, is creating trouble for opposing quarterbacks even without the oft-discussed Rob Ryan blitzing.

What we’re seeing in this new Saints front seven is the best production by a group of New Orleans pass rushers since the turn of the millennium. Though Cam Jordan is the monster who makes most of it possible, he’s not alone.

I am a pass-rushing devotee who sort of came of football age when La’Roi Glover and Joe Johnson and Norman Hand and Darren Howard and Willie Whitehead and so on were sacking quarterbacks four, five, six, seven, eight times per game. Even though I wouldn’t trade this era for anything else in the history of Saintsdom, the last decade or so has been a long desert of non-pressure.

Where have my sacks been?

Junior Galette and Cam Jordan have brought ‘em back.


Bradley Warshauer
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