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A GIF of Marques Colston Being the Best, and the B&G New Hope Player of Week 2

A GIF of Marques Colston Being the Best, and the B&G New Hope Player of Week 2

[dropcap2 variation=”slategrey” textColor=”#000000″]Y[/dropcap2]ou can’t really overstate the greatness of Marques Colston. The man who has never even been selected to a Pro Bowl has, since 2006, quietly saved the Saints more often than anybody not named Drew Brees.

Yesterday he saved us again. Observe!


So just watch this one a few times. Watch him catch the ball while covered. Watch him hurl his body into a little flip so that he can avoid the safety who might dislodge the football from his grasp. Watch him do it all in one smooth motion, just before springing to his feet and lining up in time for Drew Brees to spike the football so that Garrett Hartley could kick it and end the long day’s business.

Marques Colston is the best.

Near the Top of the List of Bad Ideas: Not Covering Jimmy Graham, and Making Jimmy Graham Angry

There seem to be a lot of bad ideas in the land of Greg Schiano, crazy person. Among the worst of those ideas is not covering Jimmy Graham.1

The other really bad idea is you should generally not make Jimmy Graham angry. The Bucs did this to Jimmy:


And so Jimmy Graham caught almost 180 yards worth of passes on the Bucs. It’s only fair.

The New Hope Player of the Week

We’ve emphasized it: One key to success during the 2013 Saints season is the youth on the roster. These guys are our new hope. So every week this season we’re going to talk about the young guy we think earned the most raves. Today, that guy is Cameron Jordan.

Cam Jordan’s status is changing from young guy with potential to cornerstone of a good defense and it’s happening right, as they say, before our eyes.

The day was full of defense, but there weren’t a lot of obvious standout performances. Cam, however, did have a classic sack-fumble:


Junior Galette scooped that one up, and, along with Malcolm Jenkins‘ interception,2 the fumble helped off-set stuff like this. We need takeaways because our offense is often prone to giveaways, and, suddenly, thanks to guys like Cam, we’re getting them again.

The problem with the Saints’ defense for years has been the fact it was comprised entirely of pretty decent players who didn’t complement one another–and who didn’t have, in their midst, any dominant playmakers.

Cam Jordan has reached that level.

Marques Colston image via Tom Pumphret


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  • I don’t know that Cam is a “New Hope” anymore. I think he’s pretty well established imo.

    • Established as a solid player, but now we’re talking about one of the best 3-4 ends in football.