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Will the 2013 Atlanta Falcons Suck? Debate it with Bradley & Ryan

Will the 2013 Atlanta Falcons Suck? Debate it with Bradley & Ryan

Ryan thinks the 2013 Atlanta Falcons are going to pretty much suck in 2013. Bradley, as much as he hates Atlanta, sadly thinks they’re still going to be annoyingly good. You can give your opinion in the comments below.

The 2013 Atlanta Falcons Will Suck


It has to happen sooner or later. This incredibly tight core will have to, at some point, lose some regular season games. Did you realize that Matt Ryan’s career record in close games (7 points or less) is the second best quarterback record ever? Behind Tom Brady? That’s simply not sustainable.

No one is arguing that Matt Ryan is bad, but he’s not one of the ten best, and at some point his luck has to regress to the mean. And let’s be honest, winning close games isn’t nearly as much on the quarterback as we pretend. It’s a whole team effort, led by a coach. Tom Brady has Bill Belichick. Mike Smith is definitely not in that league.

Atlanta plays far too many close games. They keep betting on hard six and eventually, eventually, they’re going to miss. I think that’s this year. I’ll go on record and predict their winning percentage in close games plummets to .375 or worse (so something like 3-5).

The Falcons also have a tough schedule and play in what could shape up to be a rough division. Their defense is going to have huge, rookie-shaped holes in the secondary, which wouldn’t be an issue if Osi Umenyiora was about three years younger. But here he is, at 31. With a drop in their pass rushing production, a holey secondary, and an overrated offense.

The result is going to be a break in their streak of winning seasons. 7-9 for the Dirty Birds this year. It’s going to happen.

The 2013 Atlanta Falcons Won’t Suck


Look, I hate Atlanta as much as anyone. I hate the Falcons so much that I get angry when I read national articles about the Saints/Falcons rivalry that refer to it as a “new” rivalry, because that does a disservice to the hate for Atlanta I felt when I was like eight.

Seriously: eight. I was eight years old when Bobby Hebert started playing for Atlanta, and only a little bit older when Morten Andersen left New Orleans to do the same. Believe me: I felt hate.

But my hate for the Falcons doesn’t blind me to the fact that any hope we have of them just up and sucking this year is misguided. They’re still a good, if occasionally overrated, team that simply does too many things well to fall apart. They really are a kind of Saints little brother, mimicking us at positions across the board in an attempt to be awesome.

They have a not-as-good-as-Drew Brees quarterback and a too-old-to-be-as-good-as-Jimmy Graham tight end. They have a third down back who isn’t as good as Darren Sproles and decent guards who aren’t as good as Jahri Evans and Ben Grubbs. Their coach is good, too–he’s just not as good as Sean Payton.

And so that’s why the Falcons keep winning lots of regular season games, but always struggle with the Saints, the prototype they’ve been copying: You can’t really beat a vibrantly colorful original when all you’re just a black and white version from an office copier.1

But that said, black and white office copies get the job done, and the Falcons, a solid team from top to bottom, will have a double-digit win total this season.


  • A few things, Messrs. Chauvin & Warshauer:

    1) Yes they will suck. Because even when they win 13 games they suck. Because I’m a hater.
    2) Great photos.
    3) My current favorite this-ATL-team-is-not-as-good-as-they-think tidbit is that (per PFF) among defenders who played at least 25 percent of their team’s snaps, John Abraham was the 10th most productive 4-3 defensive end last year. Osi Umen-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-spell-this-right was rated 31st. That’s a significant drop off.
    4) For the record, in that same metric Junior was 4th-best and Martez was 15th.

    • Yes, I feel there should be clarification: No matter how good they may be, the Falcons still suck. End of story.

      • Danielle jeffcoat

        The Falcons suck in every way. Atlanta rivals Houston and Dallas as least the appealing city in the country, we all know that.

        What really sucks though is that neither of you who have commented on this post will be at the bar when I show up to watch this epic season opener tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    Yes they will suck, Ryan is way over paid. I say he is a one hit wonder. Take his pay check away and give it to a highscho starter!!