How Good Sean Payton’s Terrible Saints Defenses Have Made Opposing Quarterbacks Every Year, Ranked

The Saints have a future Hall of Fame QB. Too bad they’ve made most of their opponents look like Hall of Fame QBs too.

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Brees Victory

Remind Me Not to Get Excited

Luckily, this is the Saints’ easiest schedule in a decade. Unluckily, it’s also probably the worst Saints team.

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Survival: What Michael Mauti’s Blocked Punt Means for the Saints

Steve Gleason’s blocked punt against Atlanta symbolized the survival of a city and region. Maybe — just maybe — Michael Mauti’s symbolizes the survival of a football team.

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It Was Jabari Greer All Along: On the Piece that Tied the Saints Together and the Future of Sean Payton

On the one little piece that tied yesterday’s Saints together, and the future of Sean Payton.

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Ryan Adams Shake It Off

Shake It Off: Ryan Adams and Saints Fans Party Like It’s 2015

Saints fans lived with Swift from 2009-2011, but 2015 calls for Ryan Adams’ melancholy.

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Saints Earn Moral Victory Against Superior Foe

The Saints were manhandled by a Cardinals team that was never in as much danger as the scoreboard claimed.

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